All Sacred & Secret Ancient Teachings Of The Divine Feminine Revealed
GODDESS - All Sacred & Secret Ancient Teachings Of The Divine Feminine Revealed is an online training program that focuses on Ancient Goddess Teachings, Sacred Feminine Initiations and Inner Priestess Exploration. 

If you are looking to learn sacred and secret long lost teachings of the divine feminine and be equipped with the right tools to integrate them in your daily life to unleash the Goddess that hides within, this extensive course was created for you!
It is said that we entered the Age Of Aquarius in 2012. The Age of Aquarius isn’t part of astronomy. It’s an astrological age, which occurs roughly every 2,150 years. For the past two millenniums we were in the Age Of Pisces which is where the symbol of the Fish comes from and it is believed that Jesus was sent as a peace messenger during that time right after the Age Of Aries, also known as the Bloodshed milleniums due to the wave of wars and conquests that occurred during that time.

As we started to enter the Age of Aquarius, many of us have felt it/heard it… Have you?

The call of the Goddess that is. She has spoken to us and many of us have listened. Her return has been prophesied and the Age Of Aquarius, only if humanity is ready, will bring back the divine feminine.

For almost a decade now, I’ve been obsessively studying the Goddess. Her story, her many faces and her future. This program is more than a program. It’s a revolution. Welcome to THE GODDESS!
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From Alexandra Villarroel Abrego
Founder and CEO at A.V.A. Enterprises
So here you are, on the edge of your new life...

I know how it feels. In 2009, I was there too. I know first hand the power of deciding to re-create your reality. Even though it isn't always easy at first, I can tell you that the journey will be worth it. But before you MUST be ready! Ready and committed to invest, learn and GROW!

If you choose to undertake the greatest journey of them all, one of self-realization, I am committed to be there by your side, each step of the way.

So let your RISE begin!
The Ultimate Online Course on Fulfillment & Realization
A.V.A. ACADEMY is a world-class, comprehensive and effective online academy for those who want to achieve extraordinary fulfillment in their lives, and at the same time, realize their grandest goals and dreams.

The complete curriculum of A.V.A. Academy will teach you the roadmap to reaching your desired destination, but most importantly, the ultimate secrets to living a truly fulfilled and rewarding life.

A.V.A. Academy teaches you how to fulfill and master the four human needs: Security, Purpose, Love and Growth!
These four needs have been packaged into four modules of A.V.A. Academy. Each module is made of 7 video lessons that teach powerful, proven, effective and life-transforming strategies and skills and help you create the life you desire and deserve to live.

If you want to build the foundation to a fulfilled life and establish the pillars for self-realization and great achievements, A.V.A. Academy is definitely for you! Whether you are new to the world of personal development, or an avid student of life, the teachings we offer at A.V.A. Academy are crafted in a way that serves anyone and everyone who is ready and open to learn.

A.V.A. Academy was the first ever online course I created. I believe today it is A MUST in your personal and professional development journey!

Throughout the years, we’ve had participants from all walks of life and from all four corners of the world -- men, women, old, young, entrepreneurs, college students, CEOs, employees, and stay-at-home moms/dads. From North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia. And the list goes on.

Will you be next?
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Have you ever said thing like “I don’t have time!”, “I’m too busy!”, or even “There’s too much going on!”? Well those days are now LONG GONE! We all have 24 hours in a day and this program will teach you how to take full advantage of each and every hour that is given to you.
For every organizing and planning strategy we teach you, we want to show you step-by-step how to implement it in your life with video lessons. In the Organize Your Life program, we have a library of thirty video lessons teaching you exactly how to use every strategy and tool we share throughout the program.
We believe in the importance of taking action which is why we teach you the theory thoroughly, but also offer you the right tools and resources to put everything in practice. You’ll get access to 30 planning and organization worksheets.
Because we want you to truly thrive in your personal and professional life, we share with you the exact schedule and routines of over a dozen successful people. 
The Organize Your Life course consists of three main spheres: Organize Your Time, Organize Your Mind and Organize Your Space. Each part is meant to teach you powerful strategies and techniques to organize, plan and manage your personal and professional life the way pros do it.
  • Organizing Your Time 
  • ​Organizing Your Mind
  • ​Organize Your Space
Video Lessons
Daily Planning
Weekly Planning
Monthly Planning
​Quarterly Planning
​Yearly Planning
​Technology for Time Management

Daily Agenda Downloadable sheet
​Weekly Schedule Downloadable sheet
​Monthly Calendar Downloadable sheet
​Quarterly Planner Downloadable sheet
​Yearly Calendar Downloadable sheet
​The Ultimate Schedule/Routines of Successful Peek Performers

Audio Lesson
The Time Measurements Guide
  • Organizing Your Time 
  • ​Organizing Your Mind
  • ​Organize Your Space
Videos Lessons
The ZettelKasten Method
​Brainstorming Like A Pro
​Mind Mapping 101
​Project Management Guide
​The Binders Method
​Plan of Action 101

Brainstorming Downloadable Sheet
​Mind Mapping Downloadable Sheet
​Editorial calendar Downloadable Sheet
​Project Planner Downloadable Sheet
​Plan of Action Downloadable Template

Audio Lessons
The Well Organized Inner & Outer World
  • Organizing Your Time 
  • ​Organizing Your Mind
  • ​Organize Your Space
Videos Lessons
Meal Planning
​Effective Home Cleaning
​Creating Your Home Management Binder
​Organizing Your Home Like A Pro

Home Management Binder Sheets
​Weekly Cleaning Checklist
​Monthly Cleaning Checklist
​Spring Cleaning Checklist
​Grocery List Sheet
​Meal Planning Sheet

The 2.0 version of the ORGANIZE YOUR LIFE program will be done live starting on September 1st! This is the first and LAST time you get to participate to the program in this LIVE format! Don't miss out on your opportunity to exchange energies with Alexandra and all the other students from around the world!
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
You can choose to organize your life in a day, a week, a month or even a year. We give you the strategies, tools and resources and you put them in action when you feel ready.
As humans we are visual, auditory and kinaesthetic which is why all of our programs are multimedia. You will get access to audios, videos, as well as downloadable and printable PDF worksheets.
The program in its entirety is yours to keep for life! We understand learning is a process and a journey, therefore we make sure our students have lifetime access to all courses.


Alexandra Villarroel Abrego is a businesswoman, bestselling author, international speaker and award-winning life coach.

She is the founder of A.V.A. Enterprises, a multimedia platform production and coaching company focused on educating, inspiring and empowering people to create and reach their highest potential. A.V.A. Enterprises develops and produces premium and purposeful content across film, television, digital spaces and beyond, in a variety of genres and formats.

In 2010, Alexandra released her very first book Beyond Beauty: A Guide To Self-Love, Confidence and Full Feminine Power, which went on to become a #1 bestseller.
Two years later, at the age of only 22 years old, Alexandra was chosen as the Canadian national role model for the Ministry of Immigration and Cultural Communities of Quebec, in collaboration with the Montreal Hooked on School organization. That honour launched her career as a motivational speaker. She was invited to give conferences in high schools across the province of Quebec.

Since then, she has also been on an international speaking circuit, giving conferences in three languages (French, English and Spanish) to large crowds around the world, especially for her long anticipated world tour Full Feminine Power Now.

In 2016, YouTube announced its first-ever class of YouTube NextUp Canada creators. Alexandra was chosen as one of the 15 creators that YouTube believes will be Canada’s next big online video stars.
Through her production company, coaching empire, live conferences and books, Alexandra, has become a respected leader in the coaching and self-improvement industry and is quickly becoming the new role model of this generation of women.


At A.V.A. Enterprises, we like to celebrate our students!

Few are those who choose to invest in themselves, in their future and in their dreams!

If you're here, it is not a coincidence. It is certain destiny. Life has brought you here for a reason and the reason is to make this world a better place.

At A.V.A. Enterprises we teach our students worldwide to live their greatest lives possible, and by doing so, lift the lives of those around them in an ever-widening circle of world-wide enlightenment.

When you invest in our programs, you're investing in yourself and to always remind of this and reward you for this, we created two amazing concepts...

The A.V.A. Passport and A.V.A. Trophy are two gifts (completely free!) that you receive once you enroll to some of our online programs.

The A.V.A. Passport is a reward you get when you enroll to the program on the first level of the A.V.A. Pyramid. Afterwards, each time you invest in one of our courses, you receive, by mail, a sticker/stamp which goes on one of the pages of the passport (the page that represents the program which you’ve enrolled to).

Once your A.V.A. Passport is filled with stamps, you get invited to an all-paid dream vacation/convention week packed with lively business and life coaching workshops, special conferences by guest speakers​ and a whole lotta fun while you learn and grow, with me, my team and other privileged A.V.A. Students.

The A.V.A. Pioneer Trophy is a gift you get when you enroll to two programs (one on each side of the A.V.A. Pyramid). This gift is available only for a limited time to reward our A.V.A. Pioneers who have been with us before the official launches of our A.V.A Programs.

The purpose of these rewards is to incentivize YOU to climb up through all the levels of the A.V.A. Pyramid and reach it's pinnacle, the top, which is synonymous to ENLIGHTENMENT.
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